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Glow In The Dark Glasses

Glow In The Dark Glasses

Hit up the clubs with these cool glow in the dark glasses.  These glasses come with a black frame and clear lens and are perfect for those wild night parties. These glasses are powered by a 2AA battery pack connected to a 4ft wire that you can keep in your pocket.  Unlike other watch battery powered glasses these ...

$19.49 2017-08-04 18:26:02
Sound Activated LED Car Sticker

Sound Activated LED Car Sticker

If you want to turn your beats into an impressive visual display than check out these impressive sound activated LED car stickers. These cool stickers can be placed on any window you like. Simply plug it into a 12VDC power point and watch your tunes come to life. This product is furnished with double faced adhesive ...

$14.89 2017-08-02 04:24:56
Playable Guitar T-Shirt

Playable Guitar T-Shirt

The ultimate party gift! This playable Guitar-T-Shirt comes with a mini amp so you can keep the party rocking all night long. With this innovative shirt you can play 12 major chords. It also comes with an adjustable volume and tone button plus 2 magnetic picks. This playable Guitar T-Shirt runs on AAA batteries and ...

$13.99 2017-07-28 00:53:15
Marshall Bar Fridge

Marshall Bar Fridge

This signature Marshall Amp Bar Fridge is perfect for rockers who like to keep their beers cold in an energy efficient manner.

2017-08-14 06:51:49
Iced Out Hip Hop Grillz -81%

Iced Out Hip Hop Grillz

Want to look as fresh as your favourite rappers who are rocking iced out grillz worth hundreds of thousands of dollars without footing the bill. Don't worry you can still get pimped out with these cheap but impressive iced out teeth grillz. These silver and gold grillz will be sure to impress whether you are out ...

$24.95 $125 Buy This