Baby Head Masks

These creepy baby head masks are the creation of latex manipulator extraordinaire Landon Meier. These baby/ child masks for halloween are just one of his many creepy and crafty creations. When you purchase a Hyperflesh baby mask from Landon Meier he will personally sign, number and ship them off to you with a fancy display stand. Quality baby masks of this quality don’t come cheap so be prepared to spend over $450 (see a selection of cheaper baby masks to buy from other retailers below).

If you are interested in purchasing an official Hyperflesh baby head mask for halloween or just to wear on  your daily stroll to freak out the locals then email Landon Meier at

Check out the video below for an example of the shock and awe that these awesome baby masks provide when out in public…

So you’ve witnessed the quality of the Hyperflesh baby masks but what if you don’t want to fork out hundreds of dollars for a baby/child mask for halloween?

Below you will find some alternative baby masks for sale that may be a bit kinder to the wallet.

Other Baby Head Masks to Spend Your Hard Earned Cash On…

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