Giveaway Partnership Info

Are you interested in co-hosting a giveaway with Participating in our partnership giveaway is the perfect way to get eyeballs on your products. Best yet, it will cost you nothing more than the cost of your product plus shipping.  If you like the sound of this proposal please contact us via the form below and if we like the product and believe it suits our philosophies here at we will be in touch to make arrangements. Don’t worry, all you have to do is send us the product. We will organize the giveaway and promote it on our site plus across our numerous social media profiles.


What You’ll Need To Provide 

  1. A sample (or multiple samples) of the product you want us to promote/giveaway and new unopened product upon acceptance into our Partner Giveaway Program. (Must ensure product is safe and legal to award as a prize, and doesn’t carry age restrictions)


We look forward to collaborating with you so please get in touch…